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Saturday, September 16, 2006 @9:01 PM

If you've noticed, I havent been posting anything lately. This is because all of my current entries are posted at my DeviantArt. (http://colorless-shade.deviantart.com)

I make it a habit to write on my DeviantArt journal. But I seem kind of lazy when it comes to writing in my blog, even though it's the same thing to write on my journal and my blog.

I wont leave this blog, though. Im only going 'Idle'. I would posting entries once in a while. (When I say once in a while, I meant every month or two...) Be free to visit my DA journal, and in case you have a DA account, comment if you please.

That's all. You may still tag if you want, but expect a late reply. Late, as in, a month late.

This is not a goodbye but a mere farewell. Nyeh, parang mamamatay na eh. Joke lang!

P.S. I got a haircut! (Why do I bother typing this in? Its not like any of you people care...)

♥ you and i both loved

Thursday, August 24, 2006 @4:28 AM

*About that last post, the CulturEvolution pictures can be located at Tola’s website. http://www.tolaaa.multiply.com

At long last, I finally got my mom to scan my doodles in her scanner. Thus, I can join DeviantArt! Furthermore, I can comment (when I say comment, I mean PRAISE) on Alodia’s artworks. For the mean time though, I will not yet post any of my artworks for the reason that the artworks my mom scanned were the horrible ones. I should start making it a routine to draw on paper without lines. The drawings that my mom scanned though, was drawn on ordinary notebook paper. How am I supposed to post something like that? They’d look awful, and my drawings are already awful to begin with. (Well, if I compare mine’s with Alodia’s… it’s beyond doubt that mine looks as if it was drawn by a dog. T_T)Anyway…Im so bored, my mind is too blank to think about anything at the moment. I think Im going to stop typing right now.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006 @7:39 PM

Now you see, you can never trust me on updating my blog regularly.

Yesterday was the CulturEvolution cosplay convention in Teatro Marikina. A cosplay is an event wherein you can act like dogs high on sugar and nobody would really care. Kidding aside, a cosplay is an event wherein you get to portray your favorite characters, be it anime, cartoons, games or whatever. We played as Alice Academy.
Mikan Sakura- Tish Valenzuela
Hotaru Imai- Me!!
Natsume Hyuuga- Jannica Sibal
Anna Umenomiya- Tola Orendain
Natsume was supposed to be played by a certain Pia Rheinhardt, but cancelled out on the last minute. Screw her. Tish had her sister play Natsume, only her sister didn’t fancy that idea. It was a good thing Tish invited Jannica over. She cosplayed as Natsume and you ought to have seen how many girls dropped dead for her.
Everyone had incredible costumes. Some were exceedingly detailed, some had wings, some even opted for full-on bloody maniacs and believe it or not, Spiderman! Individual cosplayers were supposed to do a catwalk on the stage. Group cosplayers, on the other hand, were to do a skit in the minimum of three minutes. Since Alice Academy was a cutesy, kawaii kind of anime, we decided to do a cheerleading type of skit. You know the drill, jumping, running, waving pompoms and all those other gay stuff.
Since it’s our first time cosplaying, everything went wrong. Strike one, the stage. Who could possibly do a dance in a stage made of extremely light plywood, which, by the way, was swathed in wires? Strike two, the positions, (This was my fault) I was supposed to be at Tish’s left, but because of the order of our entance, I somehow got placed at the left, and because of that, everything went horribly wrong. Strike three, psychological effect. At Tola’s house, the time when we practiced, everything went perfectly. On the stage, everything was dreadful. After that awful performance, we stayed at the dressing room, mauling ourselves on how stupid we must have looked. We went outside and met up with other cosplayers and eventually, that sinking feeling died out.
Then we went inside again, this time, not backstage but in the convention itself. People were looking at us and its felt awkward. I wanted to melt away.We can practically read their minds. 'Oh there's the group who screwed up.' There we met Ate Ririn inside and just sat there beside the Ouran High School and Gensomaden Saiyuki groups and talked, got some pictures and listened to j-pop songs being played in the convention. After a while, Tish's mom urged us to leave, missing the awardings.
It was a very memorable experience because it may be my first and last.
P.S. There will be a Level-Up Games sponsored event on September 30 which, by the way, is my birthday. :D

♥ you and i both loved

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 @2:08 AM

I deem it best you be forewarned that this entire post is a product of my utter boredom.

I changed my blogskin, as you can obviously tell. Its based on the single by Jason Mraz, entitled 'You and I Both." The video tells the tale of a man (part played by Jason Mraz himself) who attempted to rob a bank, but later fell in love with the banklady. Truth be told, I found the video quite appealing as it comprised of a lot of dancing, something that you wouldn't expect from a song played on a guitar.

Going back, I cant believe I'm actually keeping my blog updated. Im just not as diligent as those who go online every single day merely to post whatever crap happens to them. Another idea that I cant believe is the fact that DepEd kept classes suspended for two days. I know I should be celebrating this notion but I'm too startled to do so.

Last year, those nutcases wouldnt suspend the classes even if the whole of Metro Manila was already submerged in flood and rain. Au Contraire. This time, they had the insanity to cancel school when their so-proclaimed "rainstorm" appears to be a mere drizzle.

At any rate, I neednt really care. XD

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Monday, July 24, 2006 @3:48 AM

Since the last three months, nothing has ever happened to me that is worthy of being posted. Im just kidding. I just dont have time to type.
Recap of events for the last three months:

-What ever happened on May? Dont blame me if I forget. That was three months ago. Oh yeah. Summer. I've only seen the sun twice the entire vacation. We usually go out at night when we eat out. Summer schedule: wake up, TV, eat, computer, PS2, TV, eat, TV, sleep. Yeah, it was almost as boring as when there was classes. More boring even. I dont really care, actually. I expect my whole life to be a snorefest. Whoopee...

-Great. Classes. Classes. Classes. Its a seven-letter noun which, in most of the children's opinion, means torture or being condemned inside a classroom and stuck with an anguish-inflicting teacher. Forgive me if I'm not as enthusiastic as the other normal kids. I just kept remembering the horrible events that happened last year...There were a horde of teachers who "disliked" our class for being too...deafening. By dislike, I mean they were on the verge of feeding us chalk or giving a 50-page assignment.

-Well, classes didnt turn out as dreadful as I predicted. There ARE a few teachers that I despise...but all in all, it looks as if this year would actually outshine that of last year. Oh yeah, we had our field trip already. (7-21-06) It was the best one yet. I repeat: YET. Not EVER. YET. We went to the Seven Lakes in San Pablo, Laguna. For some unexplained cause, we only visited three out of seven lakes. We went hiking on an utterly muddy path. If you include the fact that we were all drenched in lake water, it was in fact, tough as hell.

This concludes my not-so-long-post about the random stuff that's happened to me since the last three months. The boredom of typing crap is getting to me.

♥ you and i both loved

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 @2:15 AM

wala lang. gusto ko lang mag-post. amboring kasi eh. sobrang boring na wala na akong magawa at na-hyper na akong dalawang beses na. kumakain ako ng yakisoba ngayon. alam ko na wala kayong pakealam pero wala akong malagay o magawa man kaya eto, kinekwento ko na sa inyo ang napaka-walangkwenta kong araw. 9am ako nagising. nagcomputer ako. 11am papunta kami ng piano lessons pero na late na kami dahil sa tagal ng mga pasahero. kaya bumalik na lang kami. kumain ako ng tanghalian sa harapan ng TV habang nanunood ng Playhouse Disney kasi nakakatamad bumaba at kasi inakyat na nila yung pagkain...wala na akong magagawa. 1pm bumalik ako sa computer. mula 1pm hanggang ngayon, wala parin akong magawa. ngayon, tapos ko na yakisoba ko.

♥ you and i both loved

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 @4:42 PM

I didnt sleep. Hahaha...not that i planned it or anything. i didnt do anything the whole night but read. when i finally stopped, i checked the time and didnt realize that i've been reading for six whole hours already. i didnt feel sleepy anyway. so i went downstairs to read a little bit more then ate breakfast. i thought i might have coffee instead of hot chocolate. coffee doesnt work with me, though. in fact, when i drink coffee, i feel sleepy rather than awake. what cartoons make out of coffee is that they wipe the sanity off you and make you go mental. i've consumed a couple of packs of coffee and i definitely dont feel mental. i think i want to collapse in front of the computer, but i dont think thats such a bright idea. once my sister wakes up and discovers me asleep with the computer running, she'll go berserk on me. the only thing that (i think) can shake sleepiness of me is television...of course, if there's anything good on it.

♥ you and i both loved


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